Introducing Mimoto

Sam Jones by Sam Jones
Today we are proud to announce Mimoto Limited

Today we are proud to annouce Mimoto Limited. We’re a new company of Shibboleth/SAML & authentication specialists. We formed because our founders kept seeing a repeated story around projects getting delayed or failing through a lack of knowledge around federated identity. We’re here to help!

Traditionally authentication was treated as a local issue, with few links between organisations. It’s a poor experience for users and we all feel the pain of this: how many logins do you have to different systems? We tell our users to use different passwords for different systems and not to write passwords down, but we also force them to authenticate to many disjointed systems with differing password policies. Obviously password managers form a bit of a band aid for this but they’re hardly ideal.

At a simplistic level federated identity means a user can use the same set of credentials to login to a broad range of systems. It means users don’t normally need to reauthenticate with the same credentials to access related systems. It enables more seemless consumption of cloud based services. It helps with securing your IT estate.

Many organisations are seeing that federated identity is the way forward, but they’re also experiencing challenges along the road. If you’re in that place, do come talk to us!

– Sam Jones Co-founder