About Mimoto

Mimoto offers a range of identity management services, including ‘off-the-shelf’ and bespoke products, ongoing support, and consultancy.

Our expertise includes designing, installing and maintaining identity and access control software such as Shibboleth, and smoothly integrating your organisation’s authentication services with single account sign-in services such as Google. These can work alongside cloud-based services, enabling access to online resources in a customised, secure way.

Our Team

Sam Jones

Sam Jones has worked in IT systems support and development, primarily in the university sector, since 2002. At the University of Manchester he oversaw major projects including the procurement and implementation of new hardware, systems and software. After setting up Serotine Ltd in 2015 and freelancing for a number of commercial clients, in 2016 he developed the Doormouse network access registration portal and co-founded Mimoto Limited with Pete Birkinshaw.

Outside work Sam enjoys outdoor pursuits such as skiing and trail running.

Pete Birkinshaw

Pete Birkinshaw has worked in IT systems support and development for over 20 years. Over the course of a career including spells at high profile organisations ranging from the BBC to the University of Manchester, he has overseen projects ranging from identity access management systems to bespoke software development. In 2010 Pete set up Digital Identity Services, and in 2016 co-founded Mimoto Ltd with Sam Jones.

Away from work Pete enjoys photography, baking bread and watching too many Korean rom-coms.