Mimoto is a Federated Identity Management Consultancy

We offer consultancy services and bespoke software development related to identity management, identity assurance, authentication and authorisation services.

In particular we can help you design, install and maintain Shibboleth WAYF/DS, IdP and SP services, SimpleSAMLphp and other identity and access control software, either on a case-by-case basis or as a supported service.

We can offer advice on using SAML to integrate your organisation’s own authentication service with hosted services such as Google Apps, Salesforce or Zendesk.

The use of federated identity presents tough challenges for most IT organisations, as a radically different authentication and authorisation model can present problems for traditional IT teams. SAML2 enables integration with cloud-based services and academic resources in a highly customisable, secure, way. But a cost of that is complication and not every institution is able to justify a dedicated team for this services; this is where we can help.