Support Services

Protect your website with Shibboleth SP

Particularly useful for those in the HE (Higher Education) sector or those looking to work with people in HE.

Shibboleth SP allows your site to integrate directly with the login systems provided by Universities and Colleges. This is perfect for:

  • e-resources that want to protect licensed content and make it available to students
  • Universities/colleges that want to make a site accessible by students/academics from other institutions
  • Commercial retailers looking to target students
  • Web application developers looking to make a software service aimed at Universities

This service is designed to get your site setup and secured quickly, for a low fixed cost.

We'll also offer guidance on how to get setup with a global network of Higher Education institutions so you can make the best of your installation.

Fresh install of Shibboleth SP: best for new websites

Install of Shibboleth SP Proxy: best for existing web applications

Shibboleth Support and Consultancy

Need support getting setup with federated identity? Or maybe you have a system in place and you need extra expertise to ensure operational cover? Maybe you need some SAML expertise for a project your looking to deliver.

We can offer a range of Shibboleth consultancy and support services.

Get in touch and we'll discuss what would work for you