Shibboleth Service Provider Installation

This service is perfect if you have a protected or licensed resource you want allow one or more Universities access to.

Or if you have a website you need to restrict access to, but want to allow access to students/academics from one or more Universities.

The basic Shibboleth SP install package is designed to get your site working with Universities across the world quickly and easily.

Our experts will add Shibboleth SP to your existing infrastructure and help you integrate it with your customers. Because the Shibboleth SP software is separate from your own site, you have a lot of freedom to host your own content the way you desire.

Also we’ll guide you through the process of getting setup with the UK Access federation; linking you into a global trust network of many hundreds of academic institutions which your service can then be integrated with easily.


  • Fully remote service, no physical access or site visit required.
  • Based on latest stable release of industry recommended software to ensure you are on a well supported, secure, platform
  • Help registering entity with UK Federation (allowing easy integration with Universities across the world) or …
  • … support registering with up to 5 direct metadata trusts, if you have known partners you need to work with.
  • Quick turn around, installation is completed in 1 working day.
  • Un-complicated architectural approach, so no major infrastructure changes will be necessary with this package.
  • One-time fee, for a 1 time piece of work; no ongoing obligation.


£600 ex VAT


  • Linux (RedHat, Centos, or Debian1)
  • Remotely accessible VM or Hardware as install target.
  • SSH access with ability to become root
  • Apache 2
  • Memory requirements

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  1. We are happy to install this on a debian host, however it should be noted that the Shibboleth Constorium do not support Shibboleth SP3 running on debian.