Doormouse: professional guest device network registration

"BYOD done right!"
What is Doormouse?

Doormouse allows you to enable your network for guest device access, whilst also ensuring regulatory compliance.

Guests are taken through a simple self-service registration process where they:

  • Authenticate
  • View and agree to your terms
  • Register their device

Doormouse orchestrates network infrastructure to enable access and an administration panel allows you to track network access to an indivdual. You retain control over who has access to your network.

Why choose Doormouse
  • Integrates with leading identity standards.

    We don't force you to rely on some in-house, propreitary, authentication technology! Instead we use the best identity protocols available so that you can be sure that the person who is accessing your infrastructure is who they claim to be. It's easy to integrate Doormouse with your existing identity infrastructure which means your guests will have a better experience and your team won't have account management headaches

  • Supports multiple simulataneous login systems

    Doormouse can be integrated with many login systems and give the guest the choice of how to authenticate. This is great if you need to allow access to people from many organisations eg: Universities.

  • Tracks consent to terms and conditions

    Set your terms, we'll force guests to agree to them before they get full access to your network. If you update your terms we can force your guests to re-confirm their acceptance of the terms. Doormouse makes it easy to obide by your legal and compliance obligations.

  • Self service device registration

    Your guests register their own devices in simple 3-step process. Doormouse minimizes guest registration time and support staff time

  • Support for multiple devices per guest

    Guests can register multiple devices (up to a limit you choose) through their own portal. Guests can self-support and manage their own network access

  • MAC address auto-detection

    Doormouse is able to auto resolve the MAC address of connected guest devices which means your guests will not get bogged down in technical confusion whilst trying to register their devices. Improves guest experience, reduces pressure on your team.

  • A rich administrative interface

    Our powerful administrative interface means your staff have the tools they need to review the guests on your network

  • Role based access

    Doormouse allows creation of different administrative roles. You can easily customized the administrative roles in doormouse to match the business roles your team members have.

  • Fine grained administrative access

    Doormouse has a rich permission system with specific access limits for most functions. You can limit administrative access to the level that your team members need and still restrict access that is inappropriate for them to have.

  • Authorization delegation

    If desired, Doormouse can trust the authorization given by your identity infrastructure and use it to grant and revoke adminstrative roles to your team. This ensures that the level of access current team member have is always appropriate and that access is revoked professionally.

  • Site customization based on Thymeleaf templating

    Doormouse is built on a flexible, standard, templating system. We don't hold you back; do your style and own it with Doormouse!

  • Tracks IP Address allocation

    Doormouse tracks who was allocated what address and when which means you have the records you need for compliance purposes.

  • Helpdesk system integration

    Doormouse can integrate with a helpdesk system allowing your guests to raise support requests.Doormouse makes it easy for your guests to request help when they need it; no one needs the added stress of navigating system boundries when there's trouble afoot.

  • Comprehensive API

    At the heart of Doormouse is a REST API. It's been at the very core of the product since day one rather than post-developement addition. The API makes it easy for your developers to integrate your own systems with Doormouse to fully support any business need you may have. Want to integrate with your in-house building management system? Not a problem!

  • Cloud native

    Doormouse is software as a service. Get an easy handle on the cost of the service you need and forget ever having to worries about hidden infrastructure costs.

  • On-site agent

    Doormouse works with an on-site agent to interact with your guest's devices and your network infrastructure.

  • Link layer agnostic

    Doormouse does not assume Wifi, which means wired guest devices can also be supported. Great for your guests who have non-wifi or poor quality wifi devices.

  • Off site device registration

    Doormouse can offer a world accessible portal, which means that you can allow your guests to register their device for network access before they come to your premises.

  • Unusual device registration

    Using the self service portal, guests can register devices that do not have a web interface allowing them to setup devices that are more unusual than computer. Games consoles, TVs, Internet connected fridges can all be enabled using Doormouse.

Tech stuff
  • Identity protocols
    • SAML2
    • Shibboleth
    • ADFS
    • LDAP
  • Helpdesks
    • Doormouse native helpdesk
    • Zammad
  • Supports Microsoft DHCP
  • Development principles
    • Behaviour Driven Development & Test Driven Development
    • Automated infrastructure configuration
    • Microservice architecture
    • 12-Factor App Methodology
    • Stateless application design
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Do you want to give your guests network access without putting your network at risk? Or maybe you want to improve your guest device registration process? Get in touch and we can talk about your situation.