Introducing Doormouse; enterprise guest device registration

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Sam Jones by Sam Jones
A new way to easily enable guest device access to your network

Today we’re pleased to start offering Doormouse as a solution to your guest device registration needs.

BYOD has always been a struggle. How do you enable the devices your guests bring to your network in a safe and secure way? Your guests will expect a simple connection process and the law demands that you keep records of who accessed the Internet from your network.

Doormouse is big on integration; it can hook into existing identity infrastructure you already use, it has a comprehensive REST API for custom integration, it integrates with helpdesk systems for guest IT support.

As well as supporting Wifi devices, Doormouse can be used to allow guest access on wired networks, which is always useful for those troublesome devices that seem to struggle with wifi for no clear reason.

It’s great for situations where you have guests that are around for longer than a few hours, or if the guest has several devices they want to use. It also works well with more unusual use cases like internet connected TVs or games consoles.

Take a look at what Doormouse can offer