Shibboleth IdP v5 in Ishigaki v4

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Pete Birkinshaw by Pete Birkinshaw
Use Shibboleth IdP 5 and Jetty with Docker


A major new version of Ishigaki is now available on Github and Docker Hub. Ishigaki is probably the best Shibboleth IdP base container for use with Docker, Kubernetes and other container services, and is available for both AMD64 and ARM64 platforms.

For this release the focus has been on updating the major component parts of the container, especially the IdP itself. Ishigaki is now using the new Shibboleth IdP 5.0.0, Jetty 11, Debian 12 and Corretto Java 17.

Mimoto can provide commercial support for Ishigaki - please get in touch if you use Ishigaki in a production-environment!

You can read more about Ishigaki on its Github Readme.